This program has been created to reward community members that take part in bringing influencers, YouTubers and projects to the Infinity Ecosystem.

Joining the program will help benefit the Infinity ecosystem’s growth, adoption and value of Shard, as well as provide affiliates and community members a way to earn themselves…

Infinity Crypto is a unique decentralized platform currently deployed on the Binance Smart Chain testnet, this means you will need to use a wallet which supports the BSC testnet.

You can read more here regarding the innovative new DeFi platform Infinity Crypto and the launch process:

Wallet connecting

You can…

In 2021, we are looking to continue innovating and providing world leading platforms. Further developing and growing the ecosystem as one of the few companies in crypto to not raise outside funding, while providing premium quality projects and setting a new standard within the industry.

We look to further develop…

Infinity Ecosystem

Infinity Crypto is a next generation decentralized finance platform to trade and earn on the blockchain.

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