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5 min readJan 6, 2022


Infinity Wallet is one of the leading Desktop wallets within the Blockchain/DeFi space. As such we are constantly innovating to find ways in which we can bring further value, not only to our users, but the entire crypto, DApp and DeFi space. One such feature is the browser-less DApp functionality.

We believe this first of a kind feature on desktop will be a game changer for DApps and DeFi usage, removing the need to use a browser extension wallet or browser. This unique solution is fully functional, with the interface and final developments to be completed.

What is the browser-less DApp & DeFi feature?

This feature will allow users to manage multiple DApps directly in their Infinity Wallet, without needing to leave their wallet or use a browser.

To use this feature a user will simply select a DApp or DeFi platform listed on a supported chain and it will open, connected and ready for use. Yes, it is that easy!

Additionally, users can have multiple DApps open across multiple different chains. Meaning no longer do you have to search for DApps, making sure you are using the real DApp, or connect and change chains repeatedly. Users will be able to always have their favorite DApps open and ready for when they come back, without needing to open or connect again. This feature will also help to solve a major security issue, where unaware users have been victim to using fake DApps and providing their seed phrase, subsequently losing their funds.

Be aware, you never need to enter your seed phrase to connect your wallet with a platform!

Benefits of Browser-less DApps & DeFi

There are a wide range of benefits to this new feature, not only for users but also DApps & DeFi platforms, some of these benefits can be found below:


  • Removes the need to use a browser to access a DApp or DeFi platform;
  • No need to connect your wallet again, just select the DApp you want to use and it will be instantly connected;
  • Easily find multiple DApps, Games and DeFi platforms for a users every need;
  • Removes the difficulties seen with browser extension wallets today;
  • Have DApps connected on multiple chains at the same time;
  • When re-opening the wallet keep all your favorite DApps open just as you left them;
  • Increases security and prevents phishing attempts and scams;

DApps & DeFi Platforms

  • Users will have an overall superior experience and easier use, removing most technical and learning requirements seen today;
  • Instantly onboard users to a DApp or Game by using Infinity Wallet features such as swap/bridge, fiat to crypto and much more;
  • Allows DApps to be easily found by hundreds of thousands of potential users;
  • Prevents phishing attempts causing a loss of users and reputation;
  • Projects can easily link to the Infinity Wallet from their website, allowing users to open the DApp instantly within the wallet;

We hope this will be the standard for every DApp & DeFi platform to be integrated into on desktop. Providing a far superior solution for security, ease of use and awareness for all.

DApp Whitelistings

DApps and DeFi projects can apply to be whitelisted into this unique solution, allowing them to be used directly within the Infinity Wallet and gaining access to all its benefits. Not only does this feature benefit users, but it provides DApps with additional visibility to be found by hundreds of thousands of users allowing for significantly increased growth/adoption, with potential for further promotions to stand out even more.

To learn more regarding integration prices visit the following deck:

If a DApp or DeFi platform has more than 40,000 weekly active users we look to integrate them for free. As long as they list the Infinity Wallet as a connection option on their platform, and are open to further potential collaborations. If you would like to see such a project listed for ultimate ease of use in the Infinity Wallet, make sure they reach out to us to be integrated now! If you are part of such a project, we welcome you to reach out to us at

DApp & DeFi Platform Whitelistings & Promotions

Along with whitelisting, we will be looking to provide other solutions for DApps & DeFi projects to be able to grow and attract users via promotions with the Infinity Wallet:

  • Featured Banner: Certain projects will have the ability to advertise via a banner at the top of the landing page. Allowing them to stand out from the crowd and drive additional user growth/awareness;
  • Featured Project: This will allow projects to be featured in their categories on the landing page, chains and search results. Providing prime visual appearance to users;
  • Native Push Notification: This will allow projects to advertise to users with a Push Notification featuring the project, along with a call to action to the projects DApp or DeFi platform;


Infinity Wallet has started to see a good amount of adoption over the last few months, since we integrated browser to wallet one-click connecting. As the first non-extension wallet to support such ease of use features on desktop, prompting tens of thousands of users to make the switch to the Infinity Wallet. With the integration of the browser-less DApps feature, we will provide a much needed solution to access DApps & DeFi on desktop for easier adoption.

At the current rate of growth, we are expecting by the end of 2022 to reach over 600,000 new users. Which we hope to accelerate further by thinking outside the box, and providing additional unique features to solve real issues. Bringing real value for easier adoption by the next billion crypto users, as the all-in-one solution to access Crypto & DeFi.

This year we look to release our highly anticipated mobile version, and some of the additional features we look to release include NFT support, DeFi aggregated trading, buy/sell crypto/fiat, in-wallet staking, and more.

Until then keep an eye out for the latest releases and have a great 2022, best wishes to everyone and your families!

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