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5 min readApr 1, 2021

Infinity Crypto is a unique decentralized platform currently deployed on the Binance Smart Chain testnet, this means you will need to use a wallet which supports the BSC testnet.

You can read more here regarding the innovative new DeFi platform Infinity Crypto and the launch process:

Wallet connecting

You can currently connect to Infinity Crypto using the Infinity Wallet, Binance Extension, Metamask Wallet or any wallet that currently supports BSC Testnet via wallet connect.

Infinity Wallet:

The Infinity Wallet does not currently directly support BSC, however it is still possible to connect and interact with the Platform using the Infinity Wallet.

During stage 1 of the launch of Infinity Crypto the team will be finalizing the Infinity Wallet BSC integration for stage 2 of the soft launch.

To connect with Infinity Crypto you can do the following:

  • Download the Infinity Wallet or update to the latest version;
  • Open your Infinity Wallet;
  • Go to Infinity Crypto and select “Connect” or “Connect Wallet”, then select either “Infinity Wallet” or “Wallet Connect”, the Infinity Wallet supports both options.
  • If you selected connect with Infinity Wallet then your wallet should prompt to ask whether you accept the connection. If you instead selected Wallet Connect you will have to click the WalletConnect button in the Infinity Wallet and scan the QR using the Infinity wallet drag and scan technology before receiving the connection confirmation prompt.
  • You have now logged in with your Infinity Wallet on the Infinity Crypto platform!

When interacting with the platform you will need to sign each transaction you make in your wallet. The Infinity Wallet will ask you to approve, sign and submit the transaction across the blockchain. This means your keys never leave your wallet and only you can sign and push your transactions while interacting with Infinity Crypto. If desired you can enable auto sign within the Infinity Wallet, this will allow your wallet to approve transactions automatically for you while your wallet is unlocked.

Note: As the Infinity Wallet does not officially support BSC yet, when signing it will say you have signed an Ethereum transaction, while really it is a BSC testnet transaction. This is because BSC testnet is currently only supported in the wallet as a custom ETH chain. On stage 2 BSC will be implemented fully and your main-net BSC BNB balance will show in the Wallet.


To connect using Metamask extension you can read the following guide Binance has prepared

To connect to the Binance Smart Chain Testnet you will need to use the following configuration on metamask:

Network Name: Smart Chain — Testnet


ChainID: 97

Symbol: BNB

Block Explorer URL:

Binance Extension :

To connect using the Binance browser extension you can read the following guide Binance has prepared

Security and Wallets

We would like to remind users that using browser based extension wallets are not as secure as most software based or hardware wallets and you should only use browser extension wallets for as few funds as possible.

The Infinity Wallet is one of the most secure wallets to use, while being one of the only desktop wallets to allow for instant connection on desktop, along with its drag and scan QR technology. All without the need to compromise on the security of your funds.

Although this is the testnet and security of testnet funds is of arguable importance, it is important once the main-net launches that you select a wallet which provides ease of use and maximum security like the Infinity Wallet.

Claiming Testnet Funds

You can claim testnet funds to test on Infinity Crypto by going to the Binance Smart Chain Testnet Faucet here and enter your BSC testnet address. This can be found in your wallet (If using Infinity Wallet this is your ETH address) or on the Infinity Crypto platform.

Make sure to first claim BNB so that you can pay testnet gas.

Now that you have some testnet tokens you can swap them for others on Infinity Crypto!

Feedback, bug reports and ideas

If you would like to provide any feedback, share your ideas, create a proposal, or report an issue, you can join our Discord and go to one of the channels below. When reporting please be as in-depth as possible and when reporting a bug please provide an explanation on how to replicate the issue.

We would like to remind you that this is currently deployed on the testnet and there may be some small issues which should not happen on the mainnet such as block delays. There may also be some UI compatibility issues across different devices and browser versions, which can be reported within the feedback channel.


If you are in need of any assistance you can join our Discord or Telegram community groups for help with any issue you may have. The Telegram group is not our main channel for communication and was only recently opened for chat, however if you request support on Discord you should find a response quite fast.




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