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5 min readMay 26, 2021


Infinity Crypto is now officially live and available for trading and earning passive income through liquidity providing, on Binance Smart Chain. With the BSC mainnet launch of Infinity Crypto and Infinity Protocol, we now move into stage 2. You can read more on the launch stages here

During this stage we hope to see a lot of community participation in providing liquidity on Infinity Crypto for SHARD and other token pairs. As well as spreading the word that you can now add liquidity to trade any BSC token, on an advanced all-in-one DeFi platform. Bringing liquidity will help support larger volumes, earnings and adoption of the Infinity Protocol, Infinity Crypto and Shard.

We will have a community fund available for anyone with good ideas and who want to help bring adoption during stage 2 via community marketing, before further marketing starts in stage 3.

Since the prior launch of the Infinity Protocol there has already been around $360,000 in volume, from traders and bots that know how to directly interact with the protocol on the blockchain.

Make sure to keep an eye out over the coming days for the announcement of the start of the 2,000,000 Shard burn campaign!

Providing Liquidity

We would like to boost liquidity during stage 2 across all pools before stage 3 begins. This will require the community to come together to provide liquidity and let everyone know about earning from providing liquidity. The more liquidity we can achieve, the lower the trading slippage and the more everyone can earn. Some of the main pairs that we would be looking for liquidity on are as follows, however you are not limited to only these pairs, as anyone can create a pair on Infinity Crypto by providing their favourite tokens.


To provide liquidity, visit the Liquidity Pools page and select any 2 tokens that you would like to provide liquidity for. Anyone can create a new token pool if it does not already exist.

Stage 2 Developments

While users familiarize themselves with the platform in stage 2, we will be focusing on pushing out further developments such as Liquidity Staking, Shard Staking and Token Whitelisting.

Liquidity Staking

Liquidity providers will be able to earn additional staking rewards either in Shard or other tokens.

This will allow users to earn from the liquidity fees and receive additional rewards, incentivizing a boost of liquidity to Shard and other pairs. Our unique staking system will allow anyone to create a staking pool for any pair, with the token reward they choose. Making it easy for projects to incentivize liquidity for their token pairs on the Infinity Protocol and gain additional exposure.

Currently the SHARD-BNB pair has a 22% APY to liquidity providers, this means that by providing $1,000 liquidity you could earn around $240 yearly from trading fees. When liquidity staking is integrated this will be further increased, by staking what you provided into the liquidity pool to earn more Shard. If the additional rewards pay out an extra 20% in Shard, then in total you could be making around 42% APY yearly. This varies across different pairs and anyone can create a new pair for any BSC token. You can monitor all Liquidity Pool APY stats and other information from the pools page on Infinity Crypto.

Shard Staking

By staking Shard, holders will be able to gain additional Shard. The rewards for single Shard staking will depend on the amount of Shard staking in the pool, with the rewarded amount being split between all the Shard staking. Single staking Shard will in general receive lower rewards than staking liquidity tokens, as single staking Shard does not contribute to the ecosystem.

Whitelisting Token

This will allow token communities to contribute Shard towards getting their favourite tokens whitelisted. Once they reach the required Shard amount a whitelisting vote will be held. The whitelisting vote will be determined by Shard holders, on whether or not the token should be whitelisted.

Whitelisting on Infinity Crypto not only brings a wide range of exposure to a project from potential new users, but also increased community credibility, instant access to trade and provide liquidity, access to advanced trading tools, additional artwork and much more.

The earlier a token whitelists, the easier it will be to acquire the amount of Shard required, before much of the available supply has been burned. If you have certain tokens you would like to see whitelisted, it would be advisable to reach out to those tokens as soon as possible to apply for a whitelisting.

Would you like to earn additional Shard? We will be running an affiliate program for community members that refer tokens to whitelist. If you would like to become a whitelisting affiliate, please contact one of the team.

Liquidity Providing AMA

We will be available today from 21:00–22:00 GMT+1 on Discord #general-help channel to answer any questions related to how liquidity providing works and how to provide liquidity.


Now that Infinity Crypto is live, we hope to have the support of the community in spreading the word and providing liquidity, to allow for further growth of Shard and the ecosystem. The more liquidity we can achieve, the more volume we can support and the easier it will be for new holders to get Shard.


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Infinity Ecosystem

Infinity Crypto is a next generation decentralized finance platform to trade and earn on the blockchain.