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8 min readSep 4, 2021


As a global digital asset gateway and one of the only DeFi desktop wallets, we are constantly developing new and unique ways to improve access to DeFi and the crypto space for all.

As such, over the last 3 months we have worked on several large updates focusing on improving the Infinity Wallet infrastructure and bringing many new features. We have primarily focused on making onboarding to the Binance Smart Chain easier than ever, as well as making the Infinity Wallet more accessible to every user, token and dapp.

A few of these new features include:

Custom Token Importing

This new feature will allow anyone to import any token on the Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain or Polygon chains, opening the Infinity Wallet to over 120,000+ tokens across these chains, and allowing for a much wider range of tokens and use from hundreds of thousands or more users. Additionally tokens can still be default integrated by applying for whitelisting as will be explained further below.

New Chains & Tokens

We have integrated support for 2 new chains and 4 new token whitelistings:

  • Polygon (MATIC)
  • Groestlcoin (GRS)
  • The Graph (GRT)
  • Shiba Inu (SHIB)
  • B2X (B2X)
  • Wrapped Metrix (MRXb & MRXe)

Cross-chain Sending

As part of our attempts to make onboarding as easy as possible between chains, we have integrated the ability to cross-chain send between Binance Chain (BC) and Binance Smart Chain (BSC). This feature can be used to bridge BNB between BC and BSC within your own wallet, or to send cross-chain to others without needing to manually bridge.

This feature will make it much easier for users globally looking to onboard from the Binance Chain to the Binance Smart Chain. Especially since we have seen over the recent months hundreds of messages from Infinity Wallet users regarding the ability to get on the Binance Smart Chain, with the only real point of access being the Binance Smart Chain browser extension. As such we are one of very few wallets that has taken the initiative to allow cross-chain sending, making onboarding on and off of BSC much easier for hundreds of thousands of users.


We have integrated several new trading pairs for existing and new tokens. With this update users will now be able to easily trade from BTC, ETH, LTC or any other supported chain or token to BNB BSC or BUSD BSC.

This integration will allow more variety when swapping assets, and make onboarding on to the Binance Smart Chain easier than ever. Users will be able to directly swap within the Infinity Wallet from most supported assets to BNB or BUSD on BSC, for instant use with Dapps and trading. Infinity Wallet is one of the only wallets to support this ability, making onboarding to dapps like Infinity Crypto that much easier.

We will be further looking to expand on available trading options with the integration in the coming months for decentralized swapping on BSC and ETH.

Performance & Infrastructure Updates

This release contains several performance and infrastructure upgrades, this includes updates to XRP, BTC and DOGE, as well as web3 for ETH, BSC and POLYGON. Additionally, load times and transaction data saving have been improved, allowing for faster loading and better data management.

Whitelistings & Custom Listing

We have made some changes to how tokens can whitelist on the Infinity Wallet. We have added the ability for tokens that don’t want to be fully whitelisted to be added to the custom import list. This will allow the token to receive a unique logo and customization when added, for a small fee.

Infinity Wallet Desktop Enable/Disable Assets
Infinity Wallet Desktop Enable/Disable Assets

We will be running a listings referral program where you can earn a % of the fee. If you want to take part in the token referral program you will need to reach out to


Whitelisting will require a token’s team or community to provide a one time fee. This will allow anyone to easily view and access the token instantly across the wallet, without needing to manually import the token via its contract address.

Whitelisted tokens benefit from being viewable by default to thousands of Infinity Wallet users, gaining increased continuous exposure/awareness and making it easier to access for existing token holders and potential new holders. As well as increased community credibility, access to a range of additional features and services, instant use, marketing and much more.

Custom Listing

Tokens can provide a one time fee for addition to the custom list.

This will allow showing their token logo (custom hexagon logo included), token color, price tracking and more in the Infinity Wallet when imported by a user. Providing a more professional view to any user importing the token across the Infinity Ecosystem (Infinity Wallet and Infinity Crypto) or any other utilizing platforms, designers or developers.

This integration has no additional requirements and will allow any token to take part. All it requires is the fee to be paid, the coins information and an svg of the current logo.

Future developments

Mobile Wallet UI Design

As one of the few desktop wallets in the industry, we constantly work to innovate and bring new features that will make adoption and use of cryptocurrency easier. We currently have a range of future developments planned for the Infinity Wallet, some of which can be found below.

Mobile Wallet

We are currently wrapping up the final designs for the Infinity Wallet mobile and are looking at launching within the first quarter of 2022. We may look to launch it earlier, however there are several new features to be integrated in the mobile release which will require further developments.

Buy/Sell Crypto

We are currently looking to work with partners regarding the integration of the ability to buy or sell crypto directly within the Infinity Wallet. Due to current regulations across multiple countries we are trying to work with partners which are already established and hold licenses in countries such as the USA, UK, Europe and several other areas. Our goal is to provide the ability for nearly everyone to be able to buy/sell crypto directly within the Infinity Wallet, making onboarding to Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain and Polygon much easier, to start instantly interacting with Dapps within the Infinity Wallet.

DeFi Trading

We are currently working on the integration of DeFi trading, to allow users to trade across any decentralized exchange on Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain or Polygon directly from within the Infinity Wallet. This will provide a new way to trade, along with the current cross-chain trading that supports the ability to swap between chains. At a later date we will look to further expand on this integration with our own aggregation protocol, which looks to bring further value to the space and easier use to thousands of Infinity Wallet users.

Instant Direct Dapp Access

We are currently looking at integrating directly into the Infinity Wallet for Desktop and Mobile the ability to access all Dapps and DeFi platforms within a secure platform. This new feature will allow any Dapp to be accessed directly within the Infinity Wallet for instant use, without needing to manually connect to the Dapp or DeFi platform via the browser. We will be looking at supporting Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain and Polygon, additionally Dapps will individually be able to list on the platform for a featured listing by paying a fee.

Hardware Support

This is another feature we look to integrate after the mobile release, the ability to connect your Ledger or Trezor hardware wallet directly with the Infinity Wallet to gain access to all its features.


This feature will be integrated after the mobile release, to provide the ability to stake integrated coins and tokens directly within the Infinity Wallet, with in-depth analytics and information on earnings.


We will be looking to integrate the ability to hold, view, send and receive NFTs directly in the Infinity Wallet for easy NFT management.

Crypto Card

After the Infinity Wallet mobile release we will be looking into ways to integrate a crypto card to allow users to spend their crypto worldwide with visa merchants directly in their decentralized wallet. This feature is something which will only happen after Infinity Wallet mobile and will depend on the growth of our team.


The Infinity Wallet will be taking part in the Binance Smart Chain MVB III program as an infrastructure project, providing much needed onboarding support for the Binance Smart Chain. Infinity Wallet provides a unique desktop experience, with several ways to acquire BNB and interact with the Binance Smart Chain, with a range of advanced features.

As an infrastructure project it is not possible for the Binance Smart Chain to track our volume or users, however we hope that our 10s of thousands of users will remain active across social media. And with this latest release help reach out to BSC tokens regarding all the new opportunities for users and tokens to be used in the Infinity Wallet easier than ever.

The Binance Smart Chain will be picking the best-performing projects every month (August, September, October) with the best performing projects having the possibility of:

  • BSC Direct $10,000 Grants support (“MVB Top Player” Only)
  • Potential for direct investment and listing opportunity from
  • Full audit compensation up to $10,000 (“MVB Top Player” only)
  • Security support from top auditing and security institutions
  • Systematic technical support for building innovative products
  • Industrial exposure to get the right contacts and expertise of the space
  • Ability to secure funds for development and project incubation
  • Increase community influence and expand globally

You can learn more regarding the MVB program here:


As a small team constantly working 7 days a week we look to achieve a lot and bring constant new features, value and innovation to the DeFi and crypto industry. We have been working hard for close to 3 years as one of the original DeFi projects bringing constant innovation and unique features on a regular basis, and one of the few self funded decentralized projects bringing some of the most advanced premium platforms within the space.

We look to continue to innovate and work closely with the community and partners to bring further features that are in demand, and can bring further value not only to the Infinity Wallet and its users, but the entire crypto space and other projects.



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